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Paul George Denies Sleeping With Roy Hibbert’s Fiancée; ‘These Rumors Have Got To Stop,’ Pacers Star Says Via Instagram

Indiana Pacers star Paul George took to Instagram on Tuesday to issue an apparent denial of the rumors that he’d caused Roy Hibbert’s playoff struggles by sleeping with the 7-foot-2 center’s fiancée.

George, 24, posted a photo of himself and Hibbert fishing on Geist Reservoir, along with a caption that dispelled the notion that a rift had formed between the two stars. “These rumors have got to stop! Its getting old now and all you that believe them are ignorant! #Brothers,” George wrote on Instagram.

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

All of this has been made possible thanks to gossip website Baller Alert, who claimed on Tuesday to have received an email from a “undisclosed source” who said that Hibbert’s struggles stemmed from the fact that his fiancée, Valerie Cooke, was caught sleeping with George. The source allegedly told Baller Alert that George’s purported affair with Hibbert’s fiancée was directly responsible for a fight between Pacers teammates Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner during practice, which supposedly occurred after Stephenson made a comment about the illicit relationship.

Hopefully the Pacers can put all of this media hype behind them tonight for Game 2 of  the NBA playoffs and tie the series 1 to 1 with the board crashing Washington Wizards.

Prediction: Hibbert gets a double double tonight and Pacers win by six.


NBA Playoffs: Can the Indiana Pacers Beat a Boshless Miami Heat?

Positive Pacer Thought

 Game two of the playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and The Miami Heat is tonight, and I have some positive thoughts for Pacer fans.

 1.  I am fairly confident D-Bag Stern will not be making more contradictory statements about flopping. He first claimed that he should have fined Coach Vogel more money, and then said, “I have talked about this in the past, and I was all for it (stopping flopping that is).” Flopping needs to be stopped, but I want to throw my remote at my T.V. every time I see the smug face of Stern. Worst commish in any sport.  I would love to see Ron Artest, I am sorry, I mean Metta World Peace and Stern in a cage match…I would pay big money for that.

 2.  The Refs cannot be as bad tonight as they were on Sunday. I actually got a foul called on me here in Indiana. It was weird.

 3.  NO BOSH! Not only are the Heat 4-5 without him, we won’t have to see that ugly dinosoar looking face. Does anybody else think it is weird that he looks like a raptor and played for the raptors?

 4.  LeBron is dumb! He is like the black Forest Gump. I am not saying that is a bad thing, because Forest Gump could run, and Bron Bron can play basketball, but he is dumb.

 5.  Finally if a few different things went the Pacers way, they would have won the game. This team is beatable, so let’s #Beat The Heat

 For all you Pacers fans out there be sure to follow @LeBronGump on Twitter for funny tweets!

—Hurley Hustles

Stanford v California

Superbowl XLVI – How Andrew Luck Impacts Indy’s Future

Superbowl XLVI -  How Andrew Luck Impacts Indy’s Future

Well it’s January and there are four teams left in the NFL playoffs and Superbowl XLVI is just around the corner.  Big things are happening in the City of Indianapolis including the firing of almost everyone that matters in the Indianapolis Colts front office.  Say bye bye to Bill Polian and son, and also to Coach Caldwell, because Colts owner Jim Irsay and newly acquired GM Ryan Grigson are determined to rebuild the Colts with the future addition of the projected 2012 number one draft pick, Stanford’s Andrew Luck.  There now is only one guy who stands in Luck’s way of becoming the starting quarterback of the future…  And that is Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning’s future will be decided in March when his contract bonus is scheduled to kick in.  It seems that Irsay and the Colts have already made their decision for the future with the recent firing of Coach Caldwell.  Usually the coaches underneath the head coach get whacked shortly after the firing of a head coach so there will certainly be more changes to the Indianapolis Colts coaching staff in the days and weeks to come. Luck is destined to be great and has been scouted as the least likely to flop quarterback coming out of college since Hall of Famer John Elway was drafted by the Baltimore Colts over two decades ago in 1983.

This was supposed to be the year Manning and his Indianapolis Colts played the Superbowl on their home turf.  And it amazes me how things have unfolded since the announcement of Manning’s season ending neck injury.  Over the course of the 2011 NFL season the Indianapolis Colts and their future #1 draft pick Andrew Luck, have been the most talked about scenario in football.

Superbowl XLVI and Lucas Oil Stadium are a result of the legacy Peyton Manning brought to the Indianapolis Colts and the City of Indianapolis.  The city was desperate for someone to take the place of Reggie Miller and the struggling Indiana Pacers, after a wonderful era in the NBA’s history that could be credited with putting the City of Indianapolis on the map. Just ask New York Knicks or  Indiana Pacers fans about the games back then.  A time when watching the Indiana Pacers was simply amazing.

Economically, sporting events such as Superbowl XLVI and the NBA playoffs bring a lot of money into the city and in return, helps promote Indianapolis for future conventions and events such as the NFL combine and the NCAA tournament.  So for those of you who don’t really care about sports, you should because sporting events have a huge impact on our local economy and can potentially put your city on the world’s stage.  This can impact our society and provide local economies with the opportunity to engage with people from all over the world.  This time it’s the City of Indianapolis who will benefit from such an event. 

Despite what happens with the Indianapolis Colts moving forward, one thing is for certain, none of this would have been possible without the addition of the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft back in 1998, Peyton Manning.  The future could literally be a matter of Luck for the City of Indianapolis. 

Samsung Delivers Social Media to Your TV

Remember the days of hooking up cable TV with a box on what was known as a tube.  One was just thrilled to have VH1, MTV, and HBO available for entertainment.  Those days are well beyond us, and today we demand more.  Personally I’m boycotting Comcast, Dish Network, and Direct TV all together.  For years they soaked up our wallets with hidden fees with no real advancement in technology. Then technology hit the market in full force with the Plasma TV and DLP technology from Texas Instruments. Add the LCD to this lineup and technology in picture quality really improved.  But it was the simultaneous development of these technologies along with the iPhone and the boom of easy to use applications on smart phones that has finally led us to Samsung Smart TV interface packed with applications.

The greatest thing about the applications world is that once you buy an application, it continues to improve with updates and bug fixes that are usually a result of consumer input or suggestion.  The company with the best applications and consistent improvements wins the support of the consumer.  Right now Apple is winning this game, but the Android open-source market has made a strong push, though it lacks the quality control of Apple products.

Samsung on the other hand, has finally played it’s hand in the industry in which it has the upper hand, the Smart TV industry.  Samsung already has the best looking TV’s on the market and now it has the best TV application interface (Samsung Smart TV) that has enabled us to do something we would normally only do on our laptop computer or smartphone, and that is socialize.  Social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype are now available on the Samsung application market.  All of these technologies in one place that can be controlled using the Samsung TV remote application on your smart phone. 

Finally, we have reached the age of the Jetsons, and can literally talk to people as we watch from our televisions.  We can utilize social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype to read the news, talk to our friends, and even update our profile.  Welcome to the future…

Android’s Iris Beats Apple’s Siri With Real Answers

As the competition heats up amongst smart-phone personal assistants, both Apple’s Siri and Android’s Iris have emerged as leading technologies.  But let’s not forget about Google’s application, which can do many of the things these two technologies can do, but seams to be lacking in voice recognition capabilities.  So who really wins the battle between this incredible new technology that brings us one step closer to having our very own C3PO (StarWars)?

Apple’s Siri really is a smooth operator, and the voice really sounds like a chick I might actually date.  If she could effectively answer more of my questions, I’d be in love.  I think Siri could be the best overall application with a few updates to the system.

In comes the Droid’s most talked about application, Iris.  Iris has a slight edge on the competition because it’s developers have teamed up with Cha Cha’s question answering service that provides the personal assistant with better answers to questions people might actually ask.  It’s almost like a boost in language skills so to speak.  The only downfall to Droid’s Iris is the sound of it’s voice.  It not something I could fall in love with, but there is a solution out there to solve this problem. There is an application out there called SVOX that will allow you to change the voice to a sexy female British voice which reminds me of a James Bond film.  This could be love.

Overall, the battle is heating up and the Iris and Siri will continue to battle it out for years to come…  Check out the video below.


Cha Cha NYE 2012 Indy!

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Indy Social Media Looking Foward to 2012

Indy Social Media Looking Foward to 2012

Indy Social Media is looking forward to 2012 with many upcoming events including the Superbowl 2012 in Indianapolis. Feel free to contact us for guest blogging and the ever so important back links to your website. We deliver business strategies that can be trusted and that have been proven to work effectively. We are a big part of what Indianapolis does best and look forward to the relationships built around a common goal, our community.